Music Review – How To Sell Your Soul

Lox ChatterboxAlbum: How To Sell Your Soul

Artist: Lox Chatterbox

Reviewed By: Sebastian Nowicki

In September of 2016, Lox Chatterbox brought us his album How to Sell your Soul. Tracks on this album feature trap beats with EDM melodies and other elements, such as the whimsical tomorrowland-esque female vocals on “Sell your Soul.” This artist stood out to me because of the clean and tight production on his tracks, and trap beats with a wide variety of sounds. As a lyricist and as a rapper, Lox Chatterbox did not blow my mind. His articulation and rhetoric remind me of the likes of Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem, but this album seems to be an introspection turned outwards into music, with tracks such as “Chemicals” and “Confess” being very self-critical in nature, talking about a regret of lifestyle choice, and a feeling of being trapped and not knowing what to do.

“I don’t wanna sell my soul, but I don’t wanna keep living like this anymore” is a lyrical motif found in the track “Sell your Soul,” a difficult decision that many who don’t exactly like to color within the lines find themselves faced with at a point in their life; to sacrifice freedom or to sacrifice something else for your freedom. All in all, “How to Sell your Soul” is a catchy listen, and perhaps food for thought.

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