Specialty Shows

40oz. of Hip Hop

DJ Vixen provides your Friday evenings with a wide range of Hip Hop Tracks.  From the classic old school tracks to the new fresh singles, as well as everything in between. Friday from 10pm to midnight is for the music your mamma warned you about. Listener discretion is advised.

Acoustic Revival

Every Sunday morning from 9am to high noon, 90FM unplugs the electric guitar amps and brings you to the raw and natural sound of acoustic alternative. Join Pat Sullivan, Jim Canales, and Tim Krogman as they host the only acoustic alternative in central Wisconsin – The Acoustic Revival.

Club Wisconsin

When you say Wisconsin, you’ve said it all. 90FM’s Club Wisconsin highlights the best music our dairy state has to offer. Let your hosts, Amber and Will, introduce you to bands around the state with a sound as unique as Wisconsin’s cows in the spring. They’ll fill you in on the local concert scene, have live in-studio performances with interviews, and give away tickets that will help fill up your Friday nights. Tune in to Club Wisconsin every Sunday from 12pm to 3pm.

Deep Roots

Join your host Oscar Noetzel for the best in bluegrass every Tuesday night from 10pm-12am.

Heavy Rotation

Are you ready for adventure? Do you have constant cravings for exploration? Instead of Indiana Jones, our Music Director leads you on a journey in the exploration of today’s cutting edge alternative music. Tune in every Sunday afternoon from 3-6PM for 90FM’s Heavy Rotation, three bold hours of today’s newest music.


Jazzsides is a radio show that consists of a wide collection of jazz ranging from big band swing, ragtime, bebop, latin, avant garde, funk, and everything in between! Join one of our jazz DJ’s Monday-Thursday nights from 7-10PM for an ultimate chill out at the end of your day.

Digital Tendencies

Every Monday at 10pm until Midnight, CLOIN brings you the sound of 90FM’s D stack with modern influences.

New Age Sampler

On Sundays, be sure to wake up with soothing ambient rhythms during the New Age Sampler from 5am to 9am. Misha paints a dreamlike sonic landscape that will surround your eardrums. So set your alarm clock to 90FM and let the audio waves wash over you. That’s the New Age Sampler, every Sunday from 5-9am.

New Platform

Join Alex Ingersoll in exploring and celebrating the edge lands of adventurous listening and new
contours in sound. Cultivating a musical dialogue of innovative music across all categories of
time and place – ancient to future. Featuring new and classic work in electronic/dance, left-field
pop, experimental, world, and ambient genres.

Then & Now

From the late 70’s to today, college radio has shed a light on the musical landscape that has, at times, needed a severe makeover. Join Wayne Edwards as he brings back those sounds of your past and tie them in with the sounds of today. Remember the sounds you forgot…and sounds you didn’t know you wanted to hear.

The Blues Café

We here at 90FM encourage you to take a more natural approach to your problems by tuning in to the Blues Café every Saturday from 3-7pm. After hearing some of these artists’ problems, you’ll realize you’ve got a lot to smile about. Get happy with the blues, on 90FM’s Blues Café.

The Fabulous Saturday Morning Freakshow

The Fabulous Saturday Morning Freak Show is on from 8am-noon every Saturday. Join your hosts, Oz and Roger, for four hours of the best rock ‘n roll music ever recorded, some (a lot of) mindless banter and tales of cruelty, weaved through your tie-dyed brains. It’s the perfect recovery utensil for your Friday evening Freak Fest!

The Jam

John and Laura Louis play the best funk, soul, and R&B making you dance through your Saturday afternoon from noon-3pm. That’s the Jam on 90FM. Can you dig it?

Metal Thunder

The four riders of the apocalypse are out for blood on Sunday nights, as Metal Thunder overtakes the airwaves. Hosts Todd James and Scottie D pound out the heavy tunes from both yesterday and today, encompassing the world of metal. That’s Metal Thunder on Sundays from 9pm-midnight on your heavy alternative, 90FM.

Saturday Morning Live

If you’ve attended live performances of great music acts, you know you just cannot beat being there–but you can experience the next best thing with “Saturday Morning Live” from 6-8am


Join 90FM for a curation of 90FM programming, mixed with DJ’s own personal collections. Take a glimpse of 90FM specialty programming.


Join Mark Polzin for a special segment of 90FM’s Soundstreams, in chronological order. Every Saturday from 10p-2a.

The Punchbowl

Let Juice Princess fill your punchbowl with New Wave, goth, and more every Friday night 6pm-10pm.

Thousand Dollar Movie

Join Chad Dally for a mix of scores, musicals, sound library music, soundtracks, dialogue, old movie radio spots, and more every Thursday night 10pm-12am.

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