Kishi Bashi Music Review

Kishi BashiAlbum: Sonderlust
Artist: Kishi Bashi
Reviewed By: Will Robbins

Kishi Bashi’s third studio album Sonderlust premiered to the world on September 16th with a far different sound than we are used to. Kishi Bashi’s prior works relied heavily on multi-instrumental arrangements and his talent as a violinist and as a composer, while Sonderlust takes a turn for the synth side.

Written while his marriage was falling apart Kishi bashi stated that the album reflects the life death and rebirth of his relationship. Tracks like “Hey Big Star” driven by powerful lyrics of falling in love and backed by danceable beats. Then you start to hear the beginning of his troubles in darker tunes such as “Can’t Let Go Juno” describing the struggle of falling out of love. “Ode to My Next Life” brings the beat back up with dynamic synth work and beats playing of the intensity of his pain, and “Statues in a Gallery” brings the cycle into its final stage of acceptance and perhaps hope.

In the end many critics thought Kishi Bashi was going to blow it by changing his style and moving away toward more pop-synth sounds but he hits it out of the park with a album that keeps intact his mastery of lyrics, and only improves his reputation of a dynamic multitalented artist. Sonderlust appeals to the die hard Kishi Bashi fans and the folks on the edge looking for some pop to boogie to.

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