From Oz: Experiment In Trivia – What To Know

From The Desk of Oz – 90FM’s Experiment In Trivia

“Here it is, October 2, 2020. “What sort of day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times… and you were there.” Remember that? Oh well, I guess I’m old and do remember that. It’s time to start gearing up for “Experiment in Trivia”.

It’s all happening virtually beginning October 23rd through the 25th.

Here are the facts:

  • Friday 6pm – midnight
  • Saturday and Sunday 8am – midnight
  • 8 questions per hour, each running for the length of
    2 songs.
  • Answer submissions no longer accepted after announcer says
    “phones down” or “question over” or some other way of ending the
Additional questions:
  • Snippets: 3 sets of snippets during the contest, each containing 8 items to identify. Each snippet set is treated as a separate hour of the contest.
  • Stone Clues: 3 sets of clues, each ending with a question to be answered in an allotted time. Stone clues are worth 50 points for 1 correct answer, 150 points for 2 correct answers and 300 points for 3 correct answers. Stone clues will be conducted in your virtual “car” on Google Street View.
  • Picture Questions: There will be a series of pictures that will be posted at some time prior to the Experiment. A letter will be sent announcing when they are posted. They will be used as regular questions during the contest. They are similar to the pictures that have been used in the New Trivia Time.
  • There will not be a New Trivia Times issued for this contest.
  • Registration will be free and will be online beginning October 15th at Noon CDT.
  • Additional information can be found at the Trivia website,

There will be a limit of 600 teams, so register early. I’ll be sending out a newsletter announcing that on the 15th. As I said in the last newsletter, we will using this as a fundraiser with donation levels, all being done online. I understand the severity of the last 7 months and don’t want anyone to over-extend themselves. You need to take care of yourselves and your families. But we really do need to ask your help, so if you can, please do. One change to the levels is the lack of bucket caps. So, the levels look like this:

    • At the $25 level, you will receive a pretty nice mask
    • At the $75 level, you will receive the mask and a T-shirt
    • At the $150 level, you will receive the above and your choice of a
      baseball cap
    • At the $250 level, you will receive the above and a very nice wind
      breaker jacket
    • At the $500 level, you will receive the above and your name at the Kelly
      Sherwood level on a plaque at the station. I will have pictures of the
      plaque when a mock up becomes available.
    • At the $750 level, you will receive all the above and your name at the John
      ‘Rip’ Ripley level on the plaque.

I’m still working on getting the Premiums online, no excuse, just failure on my part. They are coming, I promise. Keep checking, beginning on Sunday. I hope this all goes well and ask for your patience if it doesn’t, we’ll fix it. And if I were a doctor, I’d ask for your patients. See what 2 cups of coffee does!!!

One other thing, if you do not want any premiums, you can contribute to Friends of 90FM which is part of the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin and all contributions are 100% tax deductible. This is a
direct link to that site: CLICK HERE.

So, gather ’round the radio and internets device and let’s get ready to experiment some Trivia, Fast Eddie…..



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