Sports Director Job Description

Sports Director

The 90FM Sports Director is responsible for the following:

  • Coordinates WWSP’s coverage of professional, collegiate and area high school sports.
  • Schedules sports staff to broadcast regular sports events and on-air play-by-play coverage of UWSP athletic contests.
  • Works with Program Director to plan technical and logistical arrangements for play-by-play coverage of significant sporting events.
  • Ensures that sports information of both mens and womens UWSP athletic teams and national sporting news receive appropriate air-time on WWSP.
  • Record weekly Sports Update.
  • Submit appropriate number of submissions for the WBA Awards in April as deemed feasible by available funds.
  • TRIVIA: Required to coordinate and receive all food donations for the Trivia Contest.
  • Maintains all sports broadcasting equipment.
  • Enforces and adheres to all 90FM policies and procedures.

Applicants should possess excellent organization and presentation skills, computer skills (primarily in Adobe Audition), and interpersonal skills. High motivation, enthusiasm, and passion for 90FM are all required as well. This position is salaried at $8.50 per hour at 14 hours a week, for 16 weeks for a semester. There will be no pay for summer and winter break. This position requires full commitment from May 2019-May 2020 with the exception of break periods and summer.

The deadline for this application will be at the beginning of May 2019.
Interviews will follow.

For any questions, please contact the WWSP-90FM Executive Staff at 715-346-3755.

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