Public Relations Job Description

Public Relations Director

Job Responsibilities: Public Relations Director

At 30,000 watts, 90FM is one of the largest student-run radio stations in the Midwest. As Public Relations Director, you will promote 90FM on our FM radio broadcast, our Internet stream, and through multiple external channels. This includes actively promoting station-related events and programming on all 90FM social media and Internet outlets, University-focused platforms and community-focused networks. The Public Relations Director works closely with other members of Executive Staff and the Faculty Advisor to support the 90FM brand and philosophy.

The Public Relations Director recruits new staff and volunteers by identifying and participating in events that are relevant to 90FM, including University, community, and 90FM  events. Participation can include representing 90FM at registration and recruitment events, concerts, and other appropriate events as identified by Executive Staff.  The Public Relations Director creates and coordinates formal press releases and interviews with media outlets, primarily focusing on local media but to include national and worldwide outlets for certain events. The Public Relations Director may work with graphic designers to create content such as posters that help promote 90FM events and programming.

Applicants should have demonstrated experience with social media.  The ideal applicant has experience with social media for an organization, experience with writing and creating content for multiple outlets.

All members of the 90FM Executive Staff are required to act professionally and uphold and adhere to the 90FM Constitution and Policies and Procedures.  Additionally, each member of the 90FM Executive Staff must possess excellent organization and presentation skills, computer skills, and interpersonal skills.

The deadline for this application will be January 25, 2022.
Interviews will follow.

This position is salaried at $9.25 per hour at 10 hours a week, for 16 weeks for a semester, 16 weeks during summer, and 3 weeks during winter. This position requires full commitment from hire to May of 2022.

For any questions please contact the Station Manager at

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