Program Director Job Description

Program Director

Job Responsibilities: Program Director

The Program Director role is responsible for everything that is broadcast and streamed by working closely with the Station Manager and Faculty Advisor to ensure continuity of the 90FM sound and philosophy from year to year.  The Program Director also works with other members of Executive Staff, 90FM volunteers, the University, and the community to facilitate on-air activities such as news, sports, promotions, and specialty events.

The Program Director is the primary point of contact for all on-air announcers and listeners and is responsible for the 24×7 on-air broadcast schedule along with recruiting and training of announcers. This sometimes includes filling in and/or providing staffing for any on-air programming that cannot be filled.  The Program Director provides regular feedback for on-air announcers to help improve their performance and ensure the best possible sound for broadcast and streaming.

The Program Director ensures that WWSP serves the public interest, as mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  This includes maintaining high standards of quality on all content and ensuring that all required forms and logs are correctly maintained and that policies and procedures are followed.  The Program Director hosts at least one General Programming shift per week and is encouraged to host other specialty shows as the need arises in order to gain experience. 

The ideal applicant has experience in broadcast radio and with the 90FM sound and philosophy.  All members of the 90FM Executive Staff are required to act professionally and uphold and adhere to the 90FM Constitution and Policies and Procedures.  Additionally, each member of the 90FM Executive Staff must possess excellent organization and presentation skills, computer skills, and interpersonal skills.

The deadline for this application will be January 25, 2022.
Interviews will follow.

This position is salaried at $10.00 per hour at 18 hours a week, for 16 weeks for a semester, 16 weeks during summer, and 3 weeks during winter. This position requires full commitment from hire to May of 2022.

For any questions please contact the Station Manager at

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