The Tuning Fork

The Tuning Fork is about community and sustainability. Episodes focus on the Stevens Point community, but tend to include the rest of central Wisconsin (and could also include the global community). However, community isn’t solely defined by region. Having programs that bring people together, organizations that connect families and businesses, green spaces to learn from and enjoy…these and more all contribute to what makes a community not just one on paper, but first and foremost one in our hearts. By combining community with sustainability we can create a space that puts people and their environment first, promoting a healthy, prosperous, long lasting society. Without the health of our natural resources, ensuring the health of our community would not be possible. The Tuning Fork is about the ways in which we can and have accomplished this. Whether it’s a university student group, a local farm, or family business, the Tuning Fork is about lifting up the people and work behind making our community one of which we can all be proud.

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