Pool by Porches Album Review

Porches-Pool-web-900x673Artist: Porches

Album: Pool

With synthpop’s recent burst of popularity in the college music scene, it’s hard to sift through all of the music to determine what is with your time. “Pool”, the latest release from Porches, is one synthpop album that will grab your attention. What’s more, it’ll deserve it. ‘Pool’ will leave an emotional mark on you long after the 39 minute album is finished.

Throughout the album, vocalist Aaron Maine lazily croons as the synths wail on. There’s a sadness to Maine’s voice that cannot be ignored. His voice paired with the album’s instrumentation produces a sound that will make you feel eerily nostalgic about something that hasn’t happened to you.

The album starts out quick and manic. “Braid”, the second track off of ‘Pool’, features a quick, driving beat made sinister with Maine describing bright and powerful eyes watching him. Before one can even breathe, Porches jumps right into the next song, “Be Apart”. “Be Apart” is just as fast-paced as “Braid”, and Aaron Maine seems to be in even more emotional turmoil than he was before. The lyrics are not complicated, but desperation seeps through the vocals when Maine sings about some faceless thing coming for him. He sounds on the verge of screaming the lyrics “I’ll let it have me whole”.

Even though the lyrics are simple, they are not uninspired. Lines from the song “Shaver” detail the process of pining for someone through lines like “I make my face smooth for you / do you like the things I do / oh I hope so”. As Maine sings about someone he loves, there’s gentleness to his voice. This gentleness is one of the most notable things present throughout the whole album, keeping the listener dedicated to the songs.

Songs from Porches’ album, “Pool” can be heard during 90fm’s General Programming.

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