Production Director Job Description

Production Director

The 90FM Production Director is responsible for the following:

  • Oversees all pre-recorded production work at WWSP, and is responsible for the preparation and organization of paperless program logs and all pre-recorded content.
  • Must be proficient in Adobe Audition and other recording technology.
  • Solicits, writes and schedules promotional and public service announcements for UW-Stevens Point student organizations and non-profit community groups.
  • Trains the production staff on proper recording and editing techniques through production classes and regular feedback on all production work.
  • Works with Music Director and Program Director to produce current overnight programming.
  • Must be able to submit files and maintain current audio playback programs proficiently.
  • Maintains a clean and functional production room.
  • Enforces and adheres to 90FM policies and Procedures

Applicants should possess excellent organization and presentation skills, computer skills, and interpersonal skills. High motivation, enthusiasm, and passion for 90FM are all required as well. This position is salaried at $8.50 per hour at 15 hours a week, for 16 weeks for a semester and for 16 weeks of summer break. This position requires full commitment from May 2019-May 2020 with the exceptions of the break periods.

The deadline for this application will be in the beginning of May 2019.
Interviews will follow.

For any questions please contact the WWSP-90FM Executive Staff at 715-346-3755

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